Amaya The Otaku’s Top 100 KPop Recommendations

These songs will be from the years 2016 and 2017 and some of these recommendations will be K-Rock groups or K-Hip-Hop solo artists. BIGBANG- FXXK IT BIGBANG – ‘에라 모르겠다(FXXK IT)’ M/V BULLDOK- Why Not 불독(BULLDOK) 어때요(Why Not) [M/V] Dreamcatcher-Chase Me Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) _ Chase Me MV DAY6- You Were Beautiful DAY6 “You Were Beautiful(예뻤어)” M/V FTISLAND- TAKE ME NOW [MV] […]

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My Favorite KPop Group

Last year, a amazingly talented group debuted…. and that group is BgA. I love all the members especially Jeungri. I mean I know all the girls go for the maknae but I just can’t but love him. He plays the violin, he can dance and his singing voice is beautiful ❤️ Please go support BgA […]

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