‘Spring Day’ by Bangtan Boys (BTS) M/V Review


I’m feeling lazy today but let’s review this amazing song. Before I start, yes, I am a ARMY (fan of BTS) and that won’t shadow my judgement during this review of this song and MV.

Let’s start with the music video which was very beautiful. The music video started kinda dark with Taehyung/V trying to commit suicide by lying down on train track then the music starts with Rap Monster’s beautiful self (yes, I am a Namjoon stan btw) and I think the setting is the same train from past music videos like ‘RUN’ & “I NEED U’. I think the setting is more of a magical escape unlike those two other music videos. I think this “magical train” is a escape from all the members pain and problems. The colors scheme gives off a dream-like feel so that’s another reason why I love this music video. The colors, the camera work, and creativy of this MV is wonderful. The one thing I had a problem with was Jin only had one frame by himself  and also in another recent music video, ‘NOT TODAY’.  Big Hit, what do you have against our beautiful visual, Jin??

I simply enjoy this song due the fact that in the beginning of this song opens with J-Hope, who is 1 of 3 rappers in BTS, singing. His voice is gives off a serious yet kind aura. Another reason that I think this song is wonderful is how all of the members step out of the comfort zone and you can especially can tell during their live performances and their dance practice video. BTS ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ Dance Practice


BTS ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ MV




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