‘Don’t Recall’ by KARD song and M/V Review


If you don’t know who KARD is, they are a co-ed South Korean group formed by DSP Entertainment and debuted December of 2016 with their first single, ‘Oh NaNa”.

‘Don’t Recall’ is the second single and comeback song for the group. The song is very enjoyable but there are some things that I didn’t like about it like the usage of cringe worthy auto tune especially during Jiwoo’s lines. This disgusting usage of auto tune make me wanna edit out Jiwoo completely. I mean, why use auto tune? Why is auto tune is used in this day and age?  This is not 2008. We don’t want to suffer anymore like we did when we listen to T-Pain. My second complaint is my boy, J.Seph needs more lines. I don’t know if J.Seph can do vocals but would love to hear more from J.Seph but I probably have to wait for other songs to come out to hear some vocals from J.Seph. Third and final complaint, BM and Somin have too many lines, when I first listened to this song I thought Somin only did the vocal parts then I had to watch a lyric video on YouTube to clear my confusion but I wanted more from J.Seph and Jiwoo.

The visuals of the music was beautiful and enjoyable to watch but I was trying to turn on my conspiracy theory hat on but I couldn’t of the meaning of the music video. Myabe it was because I was exhausted but I don’t think the MV has a meaning but I do enjoy it alot. I love choregraphy and visuals of it.

Overall, I felt ‘meh’ about it but I do recommend you, the reader, to check it out!


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